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pyobfgood - Python obfuscation trap

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In the world of software development, open-source tools and packages play a pivotal role in simplifying tasks and accelerating development processes. Yet, as the community grows, so does the number of bad actors looking to exploit it. A recent example involves developers being targeted by seemingly legitimate Python obfuscation packages that harbor malicious code.


  • Throughout 2023, attackers have distributed malicious Python packages disguised as legitimate obfuscation tools.
  • The malicious payload activates upon installation.
  • Labeled as "BlazeStealer", the payload retrieves an additional malicious script from an external source, enabling a Discord bot that gives attackers complete control over the victim's computer.
  • Developers who engage in code obfuscation are likely working with valuable and sensitive information. As a result, hackers see them as valuable targets to pursue and therefore are likely to be the victims targeted in this attack.

Throughout this entire year and up to this past month, attackers introduced various packages with names starting with “pyobf” including “pyobftoexe”, “pyobfusfile”, “pyobfexecute”, just to name a few, and most recently, “pyobfgood”. These packages, masquerading as helpful tools for Python code obfuscation at first glance, have hidden agendas. These names, chosen by the attackers, were intentionally designed to be similar in name to genuine packages such as “pyobf2” and, “pyobfuscator”, that developers utilize for obfuscating their Python code.


pyobfgood, the most recent package of this type, was published in late October of 2023 to the Python ecosystem bringing with it a destructive payload.


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pyton obfuscation trap - pyobfgood






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